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3D Character Update!

March 10, 2011

Hello! It has been a while since i have updated my status, i went home for a good few days in celebration for my birthday and then when i came back my internet was a bit dodgy, but it is working now, Huzzah!


previously i was working on the main characters helmet, i took the base mesh for the characters head into zbrush to see how it would come out, i tried multiple attempts to get the helmet to look nice, however because of the way the base mesh head was laid out, and the way that the helmet needs to have sharp lines and styles in it, it made it difficult to make in zbrush. The two images below show the attempts i made in Zbrush for the helmet, both do not look particulaly good.


After the unsuccessful attempts at making the characters helmet look good, we decided to try it a different way,  using the base mesh head again we decided to just box model the head from the base mesh and with alot of good help from Paul Braddick we got the helmet to look alot better. Since the helmet looks so nice in max and that the design of the main character has alot of plates and sharp jagged edges in the design we decided that certain parts on the main body would benifit from box modeling as well, so im going to attempt some box modeling on the body to compare how they look against the zbrush one i have already done.

over the next few days i will be working on the box modelling of the chracters body to try and compare the two types.